The Utah Intermountain-West Partnership to Improve Surgical Care Transitions (U-IMPACT) was established by community and professional stakeholders in Utah and surrounding the intermountain area who deliver and receive surgical care. The goal of this partnership is to engage surgical patients and their caregivers, as well as the spectrum of different clinical stakeholders who help manage and coordinate care for surgical patients before, during and after an operation occurs. We intend to use these collective experiences to explore where major problems in care coordination exist for surgical patients, and develop new interventions.
The mission of U-IMPACT is to improve the experience and outcomes of patients who require surgical care in Utah and the surrounding Intermountain West. We are working together as a group of patient and healthcare provider stakeholders to identify gaps in care coordination as well as developing solutions for improving how care is delivered before, during and after an episode of surgical care.
U-IMPACT is guided by the principle of providing patient-centered care with the goal of improving care coordination and outcomes for patients who require surgical care in the Intermountain west. The philosophy and values framework of U-IMPACT is as follows:
1. Patient-centered surgical care
2. Developing new interventions that may improve the experience & outcomes for patients undergoing different types of surgical care
3. Bi-directional exchange of ideas between patients and different healthcare providers (e.g. surgical providers, primary care providers, nurses, etc)
4. Seamless transitions of care between medical and surgical providers with minimal information loss that pertains to patient care